Sebamed Q10 lifting eye cream

Hello everyone!
Today i have come up with a review of an eye cream from @sebamedindia i.e. sebamed Q10 lifting eye cream.

About a month ago ,i purchased few skincare from @nykaabeauty and due to my curosity i picked up this sebamed eye cream, which was surely an experimental purchase but i am glad i did.

I took more than 4 weeks time to experience this product so that i can pen down my actual review on it .

I don’t have major under eye issues but just little puffiness around and a starting of few fine lines , due to ageing effect.
I have been using this sebamed Q10 lifting eye cream from about 4 weeks now and i can say this does makes skin around eyes look more plumper. I have noticed a significant reduction in my fine lines. They are less deep now, giving a healthier under eyes.
It has phyto-peptides which is a scientifically proven ingredient for anti-ageing.
Hyaluronic acid and lipids are also a part of the ingredients list and we are all aware of their benefits in providing hydration to skin.
It did not cause any irritation to my eyes.
I don’t have major dark eyes issues but just little bit screen exposure , so din’t find any big difference in my darkness around.
I personally feel darkness can only be cured with right diet and good sleep unless it not genectic or any other medical cause. So guys try to have a healthy lifestyle and minimize screen exposure.

In my experience , this cream worked for my eyes so far. It delivers what it promises. It light weight and get absorbed easily.
I ll continue its application until i find any other cream. And recommend anyone looking out for a good eye cream.
So definitely gonna repurchase it.
Price wise it’s quite decent and affordable. It retailed me for about rs 760/-

If you find this information useful do give your feedback.

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Sheet Mask

Sheet mask are the easiest way to pamper your skin in no time.It instantly gives the boost of hydration and plumpness to the skin.
It helps in brightening,moisturising & nourishes and benefits in fighting free radicals.

In my experience @tonymolyindia Sheet mask works really good on the skin.
-Its drenced in the serum and also has lot of serum left in the packet.
-available in lot of different variants.
-really love the fit of the mask.
-use once or twice a week
-cooling & soothing

Do check out if you like using sheet mask and comment below what are your favourite brands.

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Self-Care Importance and Tips

While growing up, we are not always made aware of the importance of self care. In fact many people think that it’s an act of selfishness, which by means is not. We always ignore ourselves at some stage of life by not realizing it’s importance at the moment.

When you keep avoiding things that doesn’t make you feel good and positive about, you start depleting your moral and confidence. All this may take a toll on your personal & professional life. We do so much injustice to our well being and sanity. Accepting matters which we don’t realize that could harm our mental peace for life.

Self-care is necessary for your effectiveness and success in honoring your professional and personal commitments. Taking care our thoughts and feelings is not selfish ,instead its a boon for your personal growth. This is good for emotional health , happiness and overall well-being. Taking out time to care for yourself can reminds you and others too that your needs are important. I would like to share a very famous quote said that fits perfectly –

You can’t pour from an empty cup

What is Self-care

Self-care is the practice of asking yourself what you need –mentally, spiritually, or emotionally, and making sure you get it. It refers to the activities and practices that we can engage in on a regular basis to reduce stress. It maintain and enhance our short- and longer-term health and well-being.

Ways to Practice Self care

  • Toxic people – Removing toxic people from your life is the most important key step to a healthy self care journey. This is not only good for your mental peace but also for your personal growth. So be mindful and acknowledge whom you share part of your life.
  • Eat Right – Good nutrition is another step to take good care of the body. Try to include balanced meal but don’t restrict yourself in eating your favourite food.
  • Kindness – We often, show unworthiness in ourselves. Being kind to yourself doesn’t come naturally , its a long process. Yon need to show self compassion, self love at every moment of life to your well being and trust me it’s one of the best thing you can do for yourself. So Be KIND.
  • Positive Affirmations – At least 5 positive words you need to say yourself. You ll’ wonder how instant it can boost your confidence to an extent. Practice self love affirmation everyday and witness yourself growing and liberating.

I am Enough

I am Worthy

I am Loved

I am Beautiful

” Life does not have to be perfect to be great “

” I can do it “

” Today i will learn and grow “

” I am proud of myself “

  • Meditation & Execise – Include mindful meditation and exercise to your daily routine. Meditation is the best way to take care of your whole self. It will help you in eliminating any kind of distractions and build focus in life and give a clear better picture of what’s important for you and what not. Try adding any form of exercise like yoga, weight training, aerobics, cardio, anything you prefer and keep rocking.
  • Start saying NO – This is the ultimate form of self care. Learn to say NO, means putting yourself first. Saying NO to all that thing what makes you weak , loose confidence helps to prioritize your well being and saying yes to your mental health. So start saying NO to other and YES to your self.

If you find this article helpful than just give your feedack and do share your selfcare journey.

If you find this post helpful than do share your feedback and share your self care journey.

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5 Habits I follow for a Healthy Lifestyle

*Wake Up Early

To begin your day as a early riser is surly a good start to achieve productivity. Early mornings are motivating because you are packed with energy and good vibes. People who often wake late miss one of the greatest feats of nature i.e. Sunrise. As i wakeup i straight away head to my balcony to see beautiful sunrise & mesmerizing landscape next to my house.

and I look up at the sky and say to the world “What a glorious day!”

* Vitamin D

If by chance i miss sunrise , i make sure i do soak in some sunlight for vitamin D. This is the most essential thing i practice daily for 5-10 mins for healthy body and mind. I was told by my family doctor that early morning sunlight is best time to soak in vitamin D as rays are not that harmful for our skin. So i try to get atleast 5-10 mins of sunlight bare skin without any sunscreen.


Now no less everyone knows how important is fitness in this fast pace life. We often ignore our body in some or the other way. Fitness is not only important for our body but also for our mind and wellness. Of late i have realised its importance and implemented workout in my daily routine. Trust me exercising in the morning is the best thing we can do to improve our health and wellness over time.

Including a proper workout session in gym including weight lifting, cardio, and yoga or a jog in the park will do its magic. This doesn’t require a huge commitment in the beginning. You can build over time. In fact, especially if you’ve never worked out in your life, starting small by using the micro-changes approach will benefit you most.

*Detox Drink

One fine day i was came across a vedio on youtube about detox drink. There channel was all about satvic moment. They told how our body deals with lot of toxins from pollutants ,preservatives , pesticides and heavy metals. These toxins not only damage our metabolism but also get stored in our cells.

Detox drinks is one of the most easily available ways to rid your body of toxins. Apart from cleansing your body, they also help you lose weight and improve overall health. There are a variety of detox drinks which can help you purify your body. The practice of detoxing daily helped me deal with my acne situations and bloating. My skin starts glowing from within and texture got improved.

I personally started having aloe vera shots with water first thing in the morning. This helps me to cleanse my system. I felt this does works in flushing out toxins from my body and aid in better digestion. Other than aloe i also take shot of amla juice for added benefit of it anti-ageing properties.

I do take lemon water and green vegetable juice for added Vitamins. These juices not only helps in detoxing but also serves lot of vitamins for better skin and heath.


A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health.In fact, it’s just as important as eating healthy and exercising. Now i make sure to atleast get minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep. It gets quite tough to actually achieve 8 hours of sleep but i try to maintain and keep my phone, off my bed by 11 max. Till date my sleep patterns are not that perfect but it have improved alot in attaining healthy lifestyle. I felt a good sleep helps me in better concentration and productivity. It does boost my mood and keeps my sanity intact.

These are few things i have implemented in my life and surely many more other habits are yet left to make part of my daily lifestyle.

Let me know if you find this informative and do share your experiences.


Estee lauder ANR serum

Ok , if you are looking for a good anti-ageing serum then you can definitly try your hands on this @esteelauder ANR serum .
I have been personally using this serum for quite some time i can say that it does makes a overall difference in your skin.
It wont give a drastic change in your skin texture but if u use for a good amount of time then u may expect a good healthy skin in terms of hydration ,anti-ageing & overall skin texture.
It has hyaluronic acid which keeps moisture locked into your skin.
It’s a perfect serum if you have a very sensitive skin.

This product is worth it!
Add this to your skincare regime and let it work.It does so many good things for your skin.
Enhances you skin’s natural night time repair process to help prevent aging

The only drawback is its price .I find it very expensive for the quantity it offers.

You can check on @mynykaa if you are willing to buy.

And do let me know in the comment section if you find this helpful.

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